Marketing Muscle LLC

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Website Development


Get an attractive & professional new website with all the features you need to be successful in today’s world.

Website & Social Teardown​


Receive a detailed summary of the current status of your website, social channels, and digital assets with a breakdown of the top 3 recommendations.

Strategy Sprint


We’ll dive into your overall strategy and give you a situational analysis and 5 actionable insights.

Marketing Medicine


Need help but don’t know where to start?

Set up a phone call at NO CHARGE! 

Who are we?

Marketing Muscle LLC is an innovative marketing consulting company powered by a team of highly-trained side hustlers. We leverage digital marketers in marketing research, branding, messaging, buyer persona, social channels, communications, digital and non-scalable advertising, content creation, graphics design, website development, and Google analytics.

How are we different?

Our founder and president, Tom Elmer, started Marketing Muscle LLC in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Businesses were struggling, college graduates were entering a jobless market, and the future seemed unknown. He wanted to deploy a disruptive business model featuring low overhead and creative contract strategies designed to eliminate the costs of a traditional marketing agency. He recruited top graduates from the university he taught for, and got to work reaching out to the local businesses who needed marketing support.